The 6 key factors to having more energy

I want to share the 6 key factors to having more energy. They are the six most important things you need to focus on to raise your energy and keep it on a high level throughout the day.

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Why having more energy is so important?

Energy is one of the most important things we can focus on. When you have energy, it makes it very easy to take action. And when you don’t have it, it makes it hard to take action.

We all have 24 hours in a day. Just think how much more you could achieve when you are like a 100% charged battery throughout the day? So, the six key factors, which I want to share with you, will help you stay charged. What’s about me, I plan my energy as I plan my day, so I can make as much as I can possibly do throughout the day.

Factor 1: Sleep

The first thing among the 6 key factors to have more energy is sleep. It is obvious, that if you want to have energy, you have to sleep. So, make sure that you have at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night. For example, I sleep from 9 pm to 5 am every night, so I feel full of energy early in the morning.

Day tips to keep your energy high

During the day, try to get as much sun on your skin as possible. It’s challenging in Northern Europe, where I am from, but if you live in California or the Philippines, it is not a problem for you. So, go out and look at the blue in the sky – it will keep you alert. On the contrary, as the sun goes down, you should also turn on blue filters (on Apple it is a Night Shift) on your devices. Also, you need to turn off all bright overhead lights and lamps, so your body makes the night shift naturally. Make your bedroom as dark as possible for better sleep. Don’t watch TV or even have your TV on before going to sleep. For making your sleep better, invest in your bed and make it as comfortable as possible.

Factor 2: Diet

The number two key factor is your diet. Because all the food that you eat either gives you energy or takes it away from you. Think about what to eat throughout the day and when to eat it. For me, the most important food that I eat is my breakfast. Usually, I eat oatmeal with fruits at breakfast time. Also, I take vitamin D and iron as a nutrition supplement in the morning. Make sure that your breakfast is light and nutritious. Remember that digestion is the most energy-consuming process your body does. Then I have my lunch and dinner approximately at the same time of the day. Make sure that you are consuming the right foods. Choose only fresh, nutritious, and high-quality products you are not allergic to. Your diet should include a lot of light food like leafy greens, fruits, and smoothies. And if it does, you will have more energy within your body.

Drink tips for having more energy

Caffeine drinks such as coffee and tea could be a part of your diet. You can drink your morning coffee if you want to. But if you are an afternoon coffee drinker, remember that caffeine has a seven and a half hour life, so it stays in your body for so long. I stopped coffee drinking during corona time, and I found, that I have even more energy now when I have a coffee-free diet. Though, I like to drink green tea, different herbal caffeine-free teas, yerba maté, mushroom teas, as Chaga mushroom tea. Chaga is my favorite. You can buy organic “I Am Healthy” Chaga mushroom tea from our online shop.

Factor 3: Exercise to have more energy

Number three is exercise. When you exercise, your body gets naturally more energy. As you start working out more and more, your body starts to produce more energy. So, go out, especially when it’s spring. Go for a run, work out every morning, and do some yoga classes as I do. I do 30 minutes of yoga every day. In addition, I go run outside in spring, summer, and autumn time 4-5 times a week. In winter I also run outside as much as the weather in Finland allows. Think, what is the best time for your working out? Is it early in the morning, at midday, or in the evening? For me, it is 5 AM in the morning when I do my yoga and about 5 PM in the evening when I go run. Exercise will give you more energy and helps you fall asleep. It will also keep you fit as well.

Factor 4: Physical environment

Number four is often overlooked, and it is your physical environment. It is the place where you live, it is the place where you work. It is also the way how you work and make your money. Does it feel like your work gives you more energy or steals it from you? I beat, if you enjoy your work and the way you do it, you are highly motivated in the morning and feel still full of energy in the evening. If you are sitting most of the day, get up and move. For instance, you can do 5-10 minutes of exercise every hour. You can combine different tasks so, you are not sitting for five consecutive hours.

You have to take into account your energy when planning your working day. I always try to focus on one task for an hour, then I move on. For example, I walk around the office when I speak on the phone. Same with my reading. I read a lot, and usually, I do it when walking. Also, I do squats, pushups, and abs during my working day. Remember oxygen and breathing. It is important. Go outside always when it is possible. Design your environment for more energy.

Factor 5: People around and your energy

The fifth thing is the people whom you surround yourself with. There are two different types of people in the world. The first one is the so-called battery type. The second category consists of vacuums. A battery is someone who gives you energy and makes you feel good. Hopefully, you have at least one friend who is a battery type and makes you feel motivated. Just being around them or speaking with them makes you feel better. You have more energy when you leave these persons’ presence.

On the other side, there are “vacuums” around you. Those are people who suck energy from you. If you herd the term “energy vampire” – it is about those people. They usually talk to you about their problems. They complain and speak negatively about other people (and, oh, about you too when you are not around). And as a result, when you leave their presence, you feel tired for the rest of the day. What is the worst, is that the conversation with a negative person usually stays on replay in your mind for a long time. So, try to hang out with the people who motivate you and charge you with positive energy.

Factor 6: Internal environment

And, last but not least, your internal environment. How about your thoughts and feeling? How you speak to yourself matters. Can you talk better to yourself during the day? Because your thoughts have power, you should make them work for you, not against you.

Tips for energy thinking

One good piece of advice is: always speak to yourself as to your best-loved person. You can motivate yourself; you can make yourself feel better when you are tired just by thinking positively. Focus on the bright things. You can try powerful affirmations for energy and motivation.

The 6 key factors for rising your energy

So, here is the 6 key factors that you should think about for raising your energy:

  • optimizing your sleep,
  • optimizing your diet,
  • your exercise and optimizing that,
  • your external environment,
  • choosing people around,
  • taking into account your thoughts and optimizing your internal environment.

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