Deep social relationships are equal to better physical and mental health

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What does it take to live great life? Dozens of studies have shown that deep social relationships have short- and long-term effects on health. People who have fulfilling relationships with family, friends, and coworkers have fewer health problems.

Relationships is a one of the most important 7 life areas according to 7-step model of self-improvement. Studies show that people who are connected with their friends and family are happier than those who don’t, they feel better, and their brain works better. Scientists have found that connecting with others helps relieve harmful levels of stress. According to the studies, good relationships not just make us happier but also make us live longer. 

And it is not the number of friends that matters, but the quality of the relationship with each of them. You can have just one good friend and be happy with them, or you can have thousands of friends just like Instagram followers with whom you haven’t any kind of deep social relationships. 

How to build a strong social network and good relationships

Focus on building a good social network and making friends. Here are some tips for you:

Start with existing relationships

First, deepen relationships you already have. It’s as easy as picking up your phone, sending a direct message, or an email.

Turn your colleagues into friends

You already have work in common, so don’t be afraid to explore relationships by engaging in conversation with your co-workers or business partners. Explore what else you might have in common.

Look for opportunities to be social

There are a lot of opportunities to connect with new people. You have to look for them. If you don’t feel comfortable being around a large group of strangers, then start with activities involving smaller groups or one-to-one conversations.

Join a community

Think of an activity you enjoy or want to grow to, and see if there is a local community, association, or club that shares your interests. If you aren’t ready for face-to-face engagement with new people, you can join an online group or community.

Help people

Charity and volunteering are great ways to meet people. Helping others has been proven to elevate mood and reduce depression and anxiety. Some research even suggests that caring for another person can release stress-reducing hormones for both the giver and receiver.

Consider who you can help? For instance, you may be able to volunteer at a charity organization, animal shelter, city clean-up, or Red Cross.

Learn new things

If you read this, you also like to improve yourself. So, explore classes at your local community center or university. You could take a dance or yoga class or some other exercise. Taking a class and learning new things allows you to meet other people interested in self-improvement.

Practice effective communication

Make the most of your social opportunities by strengthening your communication and social skills. Try to be approachable – smile, make eye contact and maintain open body language. Draw people into a conversation, ask open-ended questions, actively listen, and ask follow-up questions. Try to be empathetic and supportive in every situation. Share also similar interests, stories, and advice. 

How to master conversations and build deep social relationships

Here are some simple tips for you to make your conversations deeper: 


If we are not in the presence, we are either in the past or in the future. Be present. Presence is the superpower. Awareness is the key to transformation, and it holds in the case of relationships. 


Forget prejudices and be open-minded. Do not think of other people who do not like you. Do it the first. We are often afraid of other people’s differences. We think they are others. Here is a good tip for your growth mindset: Start to think of all people as if they are your relatives – sisters, brothers, or at least neighbors. It will get ice melt.


You need to be involved in the process of conversation sincerely, not just play a part in it and fake a smile. Just be proactive and ask open questions. Try to understand your companion as much as possible. 


Smile, and the world will smile with you. For a good mood, we have to interact with other people. Numerous studies of the human brain show that there is a direct connection between mood and the emotional state of interacting people.

Psychophysiologists have proven that one person can transmit signals to another that change hormone levels and cardiovascular tone, sleep rhythms, and even immune function. For example, spouses can provoke an increased release of oxytocin from each other, which on an emotional level manifests itself in a feeling of tenderness. In fact, in any social contact, people affect each other at the physiological level. We can see and feel such a mutual influence in close communication. A person can have a strong impact on others, even without verbal forms of communication. For example, if three strangers come together and sit silently face-to-face for one to three minutes, the mood of the most emotional of them will convey to the rest. Also, a collective, like a single organism, can experience emotional upsurges from under to experience a variety of moods and feelings – from envy and fear to euphoria.

So, just smile and make your eyes shine. Hearing laughter, a person, as a rule, also begins to laugh, or at least smile. In the open limbic system of our brain, some elements capture the laughter and smiles of others and generate the same response. Scientists believe that this is a very ancient mechanism, how much smiling and laughter strengthen relationships between individuals and thereby contribute to the survival of the species. 

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How to have a better relationship?

What makes a healthy relationship? Work on your relationships. With all the benefits of getting deep social relationships, figure away how to make your conversations deeper. 

Communicate openly and honestly. Good communication is the key part of any relationship. When both people know what they want from the relationship and feel comfortable expressing their needs, fears, and desires, it can increase trust and strengthen the bond between two of you. Open yourself, and feel that you can trust people around you. That will tend to live a longer and happier life.


The best way to make others love you – is to love them first. That’s why you should remember the luv rule.

Listen. Understand. Validate.

Make sure that you have deep relationships with your family members and friends. Try to make your relationship with your significant other better and deeper every day. And I wish you to live a happy and fulfilled life ❤️

If you have difficulties interacting with others, please reach out to a coach for help.

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