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Today’s topic is the future of work or how to create a fulfilling career. The reason for this topic is that most people in the world have no passion for the work they do. People work their lives away for the money, and the majority of them do not even like what they do. We want to explore the future of work, and how you can create a fulfilling career that will inspire others. And if you are the one who is just graduated and started a career, or if you are searching for the meaning in life, here you will find advice on how to be successful.

Technology is changing the way we work and create careers

No matter where you work and where you are in your career, technology is changing all the time. Are you established, or are you just getting started in creating your career? There is one true thing you need to take into account: Technology is changing the way we work — and it is changing faster than you think. But what technological disruption means, and how you can create a fulfilling career that you love in the face of competitiveness?

How to stay competitive

Are you asking yourself how to stay competitive in an ever-changing marketplace? Do you wonder who will help you find fulfillment in your career while future-proofing your job? Let’s dive into the questions.

Technology creates new working places and opportunities for building careers 

As technological growth continues to take its giant steps and accelerate, people fear that technology replace them and take their jobs off. On the other hand, as technology changes, it constantly creates new jobs, opportunities, and even entire industries. Technology changes the economy, lifestyle, and the whole world.

Be prepared for the future

The career model has shifted from the ladder career into a mosaic career. The things that we are going for work and the way, how we are building our careers, and how we define what our job is, will change dramatically. We need to be prepared for the shifting. Your competitiveness is your responsibility. This means, that you have to make sure, that you are providing as much value to the market as you can. Just doing so you will stay competitive.

Now you are probably asking, how to stay competitive and provide more value to the market as the world continues to change. If you are, here is the advice from the world’s best HR specialists on how to stay on top of the game these days:

Find your passion

First, you have to get a clear vision of what you truly want. You have to find a driver that makes you move towards your beautiful future in your career or your business. So, what is the power that pulls you? Where willpower or motivation does not last nor work, there is something extremely exciting that pushes you to strive for the next level each day.

What about your career? Maybe you want to ask about promotion? Do you want to start a new business or change your career path entirely? Have you been thinking about starting to make something different that fulfills you? You have to find your passion first, then search your market.

Do you know some really interesting and smart people who have no passion for what they are doing? This problem relates to many people. Do not be one of those people who have competency but lack passion in the field they work in.

Find a role model

You must know, what you want. If it is challenging for you, try to find a role model. Your role model may live an extraordinary life that you would love to live. But in the best case, your role model should be someone who has already achieved success in the field you want to grow. Think about your role model when planning your career or making decisions.

Fall in love with the client

Next, you have to understand who you want to help and whose life you want to influence. Think, who can fall in love with your service and with the things you do? You have to decide, who you want to serve. When a picture of the perfect client is clear in your mind, you have to understand their needs and desires. Technology and the environment change all the time, but as long as you follow this path and strive to give more value to the market, your success and keep growing.

So first, you need to define your passion and the value you want to give. Then you have to find your market. Ask yourself ”Who are those people I want to serve by doing what I love to do and there, where I am competent”. In the best case, your market has to be scalable and be able to grow as you grow.

Bring more value to the market

So you need to add value in order to. But how you can bring more value to the market than someone else? Firstly, you have to recognize what is the knowledge that is valuable now. Try to find the ways, how you can use the information with wisdom and bring results faster than somebody else. Just continue to ask yourself, ”Where is the greatest opportunity for me? How can I make a difference and what tools shell I use? How do I keep on in the game constantly?” Remember, if you can become more valuable, use the chance and you will produce amazing results.

Improve yourself in order to grow and create a fulfilling career

The other alternative is to always stay behind the changing in the world. The world is more competitive now than at any time in history. And the truth is, that it feels incredible to grow instantly. Growing and improving ourselves makes us feel happy. In contrary, if you do not grow in your professional skills, you stay behind. So creating value is essential. You have to give as much value as possible. Your motivator should not be money but the ability to create value and grow as a human and professional.

How to empower yourself in the face of technological disruption? 

So, how can you empower yourself in the face of technological disruption? Here is a three-piece framework that you can use to build your career and prove your future work.

Let’s think about how you can create a career that will fulfill you in the face of technological disruption. First, you need to understand what you value the most, what contribution you want to create in the world, and what impact you want to make on people. Then combine all these things and your favorite activities to build what we call a brilliant career.

Three things to focus on when creating your fulfilling career

Now, when you know that the career model has shifted from the ladder into a mosaic career, how can you use the knowledge? What is the mindset shift that will help you to create a brilliant and fulfilling career? And what actions should you take to start building your beautiful mosaic career? There are three things you have to focus on when building your career. These three components are mindset, education, and collaboration.


The first component of the three-piece framework is the mindset. In order to prove your future work and create a fulfilling career you will love, you have to change your way of thinking about your career.

When most of us still think that we have to find one job, one career, and one company to work for, and if we don’t, we will fail or stay in mediocracy. You need to understand the difference between the ladder career and the mosaic career. Climbing the career ladder is not the only option. For creating a mosaic career of your dream, you have to think like a scientist. Scientists instantly search for data and opportunities to use the knowledge. There is nothing right or wrong for the scientists, just experiences. As you focus on changing your mindset, you should also always learn and think about how you can improve in your field. One way of doing this is by collecting data. Because the market is shifting so much, as a scientist you have to make research and learn from your experiences and mistakes as well.

In the past, people had to choose one job or another and work in one functional area or another. But now you can be whatever your want and do whatever you love to do. The mosaic career model includes a whole lot of possible career opportunities and scenarios.

For instance, you have worked in sales for 20 years having no passion and suddenly recognized, that you love to cook and want to make people happy with your delicious food. You are very lucky because today you can go and get any type of new education online. You can easily network with other chefs. And when you have some experience, you will be able to start as a chef, organize cooking classes, wright your cooking blog and do everything your passion is related to. In this way, you create a kind of mosaic around yourself, that allows you to exercise your talents in very different ways.


So, educate and improve yourself. Education is the second component of the framework. How does it relate to a mosaic career?

First, let’s look at the skills that we have versus the values that we have. By shifting from the thinking about what we can do to the place where we search the opportunities to give value and impact people’s lives, we find things that we value the most.

Entrepreneurship & Freelance as a form of fulfilling career

Secondly, the trend is that we are moving from the 6-8 hours job to the world of entrepreneurship. So, the future of work is entrepreneurial. And this takes place even in if you work in a traditional organization because today modern companies require entrepreneurial skills and abilities. So, even if you do have a salary, you have to be an entrepreneurial type and work on improving those skills. Beyond that, there is a massive amount of freelance work available on the market.

According to the Freelance Forward: 2021 report released by work platform Upwork36% of the U.S. workforce performed freelance work in 2020. Currently, there are approximately 1.1 billion freelancers in the world. It means that around 31.4% of the total workforce in the world are freelancers. The share of non-temporary freelancers grew to a new high. This number continues to grow in 2022. More of us choose to do freelance work. Entrepreneurship is the most traditional form of it.

You should understand the entrepreneurship. Because we are moving to a new world where we need a massive skillset of being more creative in searching for opportunities that others do not have. Are you excited to start creating more fulfillment for yourself financially and otherwise? If so, you have to focus on the changes and see what is coming, rather than wait passively and react to whatever is happening in the market. Just take advantage and use the opportunities that come as a result of the disruption. Remember, that the disruption is an opportunity itself that looks different.


And last but not least is collaboration. What it takes to find and create your space in the world when building your fulfilling career?

The future of work moves us away from networking to community building. Networking is conditional, what mean that it is an exchange of something we need. In the contrary, community building is not transactional anymore. In the face of technological disruption and all the changes in the world you need to connect with people.

As you look for career creation and transformation, you have to net with other people, add value where you can, and build an interconnection community. Having a community of people around you is very important. The community can support you if something happens or the market will continue to get more disruptive. In addition, having a strong community of people with businesses related to yours allows you to make more contracts and get better offers. The future is already happening today. So create your interconnection community, add value, learn and keep growing.

If you are ready to change your career or your business, our coaching program can help you to achieveyour career goals. It will help you get from where you are to where you want to be in the shorter period of time. Contact the coach for more information on how you can create your fulfilling career in in just few weeks.

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