The 7-Step Model

The 7 Spheres of Self-Improvement program is based on personal growth 7-step model developed by Christina Andree Saks. Earlier the 7-step model was described in Saks’ thesis. Saks’ model covers all of seven life areas, such as inner peace, physical wellbeing, relationships, career, learning, helping others and life purpose.

According to the 7-step model, the seven life areas combine into a wholeness. Because the areas are in constant interaction with each other, improving one of them impacts on others and vice versa. In the same way, as you grow better and improve quality of your life, each of the areas improves separately. Instantly growing as a human is one of the best ways to live your life. Each step offers an opportunity to rise to the next level as a person and as a leader.

The Saks’ 7-step model of self-improvement

Saks 7-step model 7 Spheres of Self-improvement. The model is represented as a 7 circles. In the model first or core sphere is an inner peace or mind sphere. Second sphere is a health and energy of physical sphere. The third sphere is relationship or ambience sphere. The forth sphere is the finances and career or the action sphere. The fifth sphere is learning and renewal or the vision sphere. The sixth sphere is help and influence or the world sphere. And the last one outer seventh sphere is a mission and purpose of life or the universe sphere.

What are the seven spheres about?

  1. Inner Peace / The Mind Sphere
  2. Health & Energy / The Physical Sphere
  3. Relationships / The Ambience Sphere
  4. Finances & Career / The Action Sphere
  5. Learning & Renewal / The Vision Sphere
  6. Help & Influence / The World Sphere
  7. Mission & Purpose of Life / The Universe Sphere

The order of the spheres allows you systematical and continuous improving of your life. By following the 7-step model, you commit yourself to your goals. Then all you need is to work patiently to achieve them step by step in all of the seven life areas.

1. the mind sphere

There is the first level in the center of the model of self-development. It is the place of mind and inner peace. Because all changes begin with your own self, in your mind, the mind sphere creates the core and foundation for further development.

2. the physical sphere

There is physical or body level on the second circle. The physical sphere contains very essential things that allow you to develop yourself further. For example, there are health, energy, beauty, shape, and physical performance in this area. In other words, there is everything related to physical body and appearance on the second circle of the Saks’ model.

3. the ambience sphere

Relationships are on the third level. It is the ambience sphere which is also called the heart level. There are many important aspects of life, such as family, love life and friends. It is the area where you are in constant interaction with people.

4. the action sphere

In fourth place of the 7-step model are career, business, and finances. This is the work and action sphere. The third level includes everything that you can do in order to influence your wealth and status in community. Working on this life area by doing your daily activities you create the desired level of comfort in your life. That’s why it is also called the level of action.

5. the vision sphere

The fifth circle of the Saks’ model deals with learning and renewal. It is the level of vision, the vision sphere. Examples include getting a master’s degree, expanding your business, or internationalizing a company. It is the horizon that you can see and achieve. This area of life is very important from a self-development point of view, as it is growing and striving for new heights itself.

6. the world sphere

The sixth circle is giving and helping others. It is the world sphere. In this area, you shift you focus from the local to the global, from the personal to the social, from your own self to humanity. On this level you answer to the question “What can I give to people?” It is also an area of charity and philanthropy. For some of us it can mean also religion or spirituality.

7. the universe sphere

There is the purpose and mission of life on the outer circle. The seventh sphere is the universe sphere. It contents and connects all the other levels. It is a place where you find the answer to the question, “What is my life purpose?”. You get the answer to the question “Why I am who I am?”. From this perspective, your focus shifts again to your inner self, the core sphere. By this way the self-improvement process continues.

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