Mission to Improve Your Life

Our mission is to improve your life. What is your mission?

7 Spheres of Self-Improvement is a program developed to support peoples’, and yours as well, personal growth and wellbeing in all of seven life areas. The word self-improvement describes the process that you will go through. It also means the focal point you will be focusing on. So welcome to the self-improvement platform and your personal growth journey! 

Our online platform was built around the 7 Spheres of Self Improvement program. Our mission is to help you improve yourself and support your life change and transformation into a best version of yourself. For example, you can use the self-improvement program to accelerate your mental growth, career, or business growth. Or you can also improve your lifestyle using the methods described in the program. It’s up to you!

On the basis of our mission

The 7 Spheres of Self-Improvement program is based on personal growth 7-step model developed by Christina Andree Saks. Christina is a life and business coach, mindset mentor, angel investor and philanthropist. You can follow Christina on LinkedIn and ask her about the model. She described the 7-step model earlier in her thesis. Saks’ 7-step model describes seven life areas

Saks 7-step model 7 Spheres of Self-improvement. The model is represented as a 7 circles. In the model first or core sphere is an inner peace or mind sphere. Second sphere is a health and energy of physical sphere. The third sphere is relationship or ambience sphere. The forth sphere is the finances and career or the action sphere. The fifth sphere is learning and renewal or the vision sphere. The sixth sphere is help and influence or the world sphere. And the last one outer seventh sphere is a mission and purpose of life or the universe sphere.

According to the model, these seven life areas combine into a wholeness. Because the areas are in constant interaction with each other, improving one of them impacts on others and vice versa.  In the same way, as you grow better and improve quality of your life, each of the areas improves separately. Instantly growing as a human is one of the best ways to live your life, remember it. Each step offers an opportunity to rise to the next level as a person and as a leader.

Support our mission – improve yourself and make the world better

Although self-development has become popular over the past years, it is still seen as a highly educated and high-income peoples’ thing. Our mission is to bring knowledge and interest in self-development to all people, so they can also improve their life. We hope that our program will help start new businesses, create new jobs, and hire other people. Because of that, we are open for cooperation with start-up centers, employment offices, schools, universities, and other institutions.

Both the web platform and the self-developed 7-step model and program presented here are free for users. In this way, everyone has same chances to improve themselves. Our goal is to bring our program to as many people as possible in all around the world. If you want to support our mission you can buy high-quality products and services from our online shop. Doing so will also make you feel and become better! And as a result, improving yourself makes the world better.