Christina Andree Saks

“My life is a beautiful product of all those struggles and painful experiences I had to overcome. I’ll be pleased to help you with your personal development and becoming the best version of yourself.”

Christina Andree Saks. Life & Business Coach, Mindset Mentor, Angel Investor, The Saks’ Model’s Inventor & Philanthropist

Christina is a Finland based life & business coach. She helps people to find their purpose in life and to grow their business as well. Christina is a business angel, who consults start-up entrepreneurs on brand building, marketing, and growing global.

Saks is an angel investor at the one of the largest and most active business angel networks in the world FIBAN. FIBAN links potential high-growth companies to investors.​

Christina has a wide experience in different fields as fashion design, marketing, technology and business administration. Saks has two bachelors’ degrees: the first one in textile & clothing technology and the second one in business & management.

Before turning 30 Christina has managed to start companies, built brands and businesses. Though, later she realised, that in order to be 100% happy, she needed to build her life and her business in a different way – close to people and for people – helping them in personal growth.

Christina has been always into psychology, self-improvement, and personal development. She always has been searching for method to change the world. She has started from herself.

Now Christina Andree is a sensual motivational and inspirational mindset mentor and skilled coach. In her coaching sessions Christina use deep relaxation and hypnotherapy methods and practices. Saks develops self-improvement programs and plans. Online version of the 7 Spheres of Self-Improvement program you can try here. By making it free, Christina wanted to bring the program to as much people as possible.

I feel like I have a lot to give to people; to young starting entrepreneurs as well as to those, who are looking for their own life purpose. I feel good when I can use my past experience and knowledge for helping those who have just began to develop themselves.

Christina Andree Saks

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